Bootlace is an iOS application for jailbroken Apple devices that allows the installation and configuration of the open source bootloader OpeniBoot and Android based operating system iDroid.

Bootlace is programmed natively in Cocoa Touch and runs directly on the iOS device requiring only an internet connection. Currently Bootlace supports the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 1st generation.

You can install Bootlace through Cydia as it’s hosted in the BigBoss community repository.

More information can be found on the iDroid Project wiki here.

Source code on GitHub.

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    1. I don’t see how it can be down due to piracy. Bootlace contains and does nothing illegal. domain is working fine for me.

  1. hi
    i have jailbroken my ipod touch and it has cydia but when i try to add the source it gives me error after URL verification.
    Any ideas why am i getting this error?

    Thanks for your help.



  2. Hello, when I try to start bootlace up, it flashes a loading screen. I am using the iPod touch 2g, 8gb model.

  3. I know this is pretty old, but I can’t seem to get it working on my iTouch 1g. I honestly don’t remember what I used to jailbreak it (may have been iSpirit), and bootlace is giving me an error: “Kernel doesn’t match any compatible jailbreaks”. Is there any (more or less safe) way to mask that from the program?

    Thank you!

    1. I am having the same issue as Neal. After Jailbreaking an iPhone 3g using redsn0w, installing Cydia, then Bootlace, I can install OpeniBoot just fine; however trying to install iDroid stops at the “Installing” screen at about 80% with a spinning wheel. The dialog is “Resolving Dependencies…” I’ve let this run for several hours before quitting the app.

      I’ve tried resetting the phone to factory defaults, re-jailbreaking it, re-installing Bootlace 3 times now, only to get stuck at the same spot.

  4. Hi , how can i put android on my ipad2 16Gb.
    I want a dual boot ( ios and android )
    Thanks and continue the good work …

  5. My cell is iphon 3g16gb. & other i already send u pls see previos SMS.thanks. I shell be vry thankful to u…

  6. dude pls help me i am stucked at resolving dependencies i have iphone 3g 4.2.1 redsn0w for jailbroke what can i do to fix this

  7. Hi , just downloaded bootlace to my touch 1g , jailbroken with redsn0w … I tried to install iboot ( version 0.2) but then it said that there was a problem with tetreiving the firmware from apple! What can i do?

    1. I have same problem when i try to install openiboot, and at idroid download says something about md5 checksum does not match… how can i resolve this problem (i have an ipod 1g 16gb)

  8. Hey,

    Honestly i know how hard it is to have people who know nothing about what goes into things asking for help so i hope this gives you insight into what the smarter people on the internet are thinking about.

    Recently (within the past few weeks) a very early build of open i boot was released for the ipod touch 4g on the idroid website and on the github. Since it also has the android kernel ported when the gingerbread/ICS port comes out for it how long will it take for you to create a bootlace for it. (as the current bootlace wont even build in the newest Xcode) Or will we just have to install it the old way through ssh and terminal. 😛 THX!

  9. Oh yeah and also have you guys contacted Erik Kristiansen about his work in dual booting windows mobile and iOS? maybe open i boot could also support windows mobile for even more awesomeness! but of course that would also require at least 1-1.5 less free space on the iphone so it wouldnt work on 2g/3g/ipt1g.

    Hope this helps! 😀

  10. OK, I’m Sure you are a busy guy and all, but i can’t for the life of me figure out why bootlace won’t run… I have a 16GB ipod touch first generation on iOS 3.1.3, jailbroken with redsn0w 0.9.14b2. I try to launch bootlace and all it says is “Kernel does not match any compatible jailbreaks. Jailbreak with redsn0w or PwnageTool and try again.” Please help!

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hey,
      Yes the issue you are having is actually quite common. It is a problem with the bootlace firmware checker that normally would just make sure its not on a newer version of iOS. My suggestion is downgrade to iOS 3.1.2, jailbreak with blackra1n and try again.
      PS: Thx for including version numbers! 🙂


  11. It says that it cannot connect to update server and to check my network connection meanwhile its perfect connection. Any suggestions?

  12. при установки iDroid. зависает на этапе

    Resolving Dependencies
    что делать подскажите..

  13. Yes my iPhone 3G ios 4.2.1 is stuck at the resolving dependices screen when I’m installing idriod please help

  14. Hi mate, totally spewing iph 4s isn’t up and running. Whole point of me jailbreaking was to use cydia for android dual boot… It sux millions of us r going to miss out hey.. Does not support this device is majority of issues. That’s apple but thinking they should be exclusive. No wonder we r trying to hack over stuff. Apple needs bootlace etc more than any other system. Apple is crap. I wish I’d known as ph was triple the price of android and lost value instantly :-{

  15. after installing bootlace when i try to launch it showing message ‘cannot connect to server check internet connection’ but my internet is always on.
    what should i do to fix this
    help me

  16. hi yesterday i installed bootlace so that i could get idroid somthing must have gone wrong cause after i rebooted my iphone 3g it wont trun back on. Itunes wont reconize it and its not showin me sighns of life. before i installed bootlace everthing was fine. PLEASE GIVE ME A HAND AND HELP ME OUT IM DESPRET

  17. i have a iphone 3g and have ios 3.1.3 . I downloaded open iboot . after that i tried downloading idroid and it said something about md5 sums.
    after this i went into options and set android as the default os. after this i went to quickkboot and booted to android where it shut itself down and isnt starting.what to do ? please helpand thanx in advance

    1. Hey Rohan
      do one thing open redsnow and just put your iPhone on dfu mode once u do it after that restore it via iTunes

  18. I have a Iphone 3g and i have redsnowed it and installed bootlace without the neonkoala and i have installed openiboot but when i go to install idroid it says the MD5 checksum dosnt match. at first i thought it was cuz i used snowbreez but this has happend both times.
    what should i do?


  20. When i add neonkoala cydia is give me veryfication error ..or deflt scource have 2.1.6 which is not download firmware or my 2.1 bootlac is give me the error tha jailbreak with redsnow or pwntools but my iphone is alrady jailbreak with redsnow Plz give me solution …plzz help me

  21. Hey. Iam using iphone 2g ,and i want to run android on this device.
    I have already tried bootlace,but at the time of installing idroid it gives me error”md5 checksum error” . I have done it several times but i havr not succed in it. What should i do now? Plz help me.

  22. i was trying to install iDroid in iPhone 3G 4.1 with the help of Bootlace,(i installed Bootlace from Cydia) but during the downloading process of iDroid with the help of Bootlace it shows some problem so i tried to restart the iPhone and after it switched off its became unresponsive.. !!

    no combination of buttons is working neither it is detecting in iTunes. it seems competely dead. pls suggest what to do ..

  23. when i adding cydia is giving veryfication error can i fix it ..plz help me

  24. Hi,

    Today I tried to install Bootlace on my iPhone 3G iOS 3.1.3 jailbreaked with Whited00r 6. After install, I downloaded OpeniBoot and I restarted the phone. After turn off, the iPhone doesn’t turn on, and iTunes doesn’t recognize the iPhone.
    Please help!

  25. after i install idroid on my iphone and i accidentally quicboot it my iphone cannot open! please help me! even not power on please help me

  26. Help meeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    When I try to install open iboot it saysfirmware could not be retrieved from apple. When I install android it says idroid md5 checsum does not match. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I bought a 1rst gen iPod for nothing now????!!!! Fix fix fix!!!!! ASAP update every thing please or it won’t work on anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Thanks for your work on bootlace, etc. I have an old iphome 3g running 4,2,1 that I’d like to try to get running 11.04 pepparkaka to play around a bit. Any ideqs where to find the 3g build of 11.04? All the links I’ve fpund are dead :/

  28. I’vevdownloaded bootlace from bigboss repo (default). But when I try to download openiBoot I get error says sometjink like it can’t fetch my firmware. Please help!

    iTouch 1G 8GB iOS 3.1.2

  29. iphone 3g gets stuck at resolving dependencies during idroid installation pls give any hint on how to go about it

  30. Hi,
    I jailbreak my ipod touch 1G by redsn0w and installed cydia. when I am trying to install bootlace its giving me error firmware needed >= 3.1
    I already have 3.1.3 installed on ipod. please help me how to get over it.

  31. Hello i have an iphone 3g ios 4.2.1 and at the last point
    RESOLVING DEPENDENCIES it dont goes on please help me!

  32. Jailbrake redsnow .94 on 1st gen ipod touch on iOS 3.1.2 , most recent Cydia has been updated with no issues.

    Bootlace will not install as it states I must upgrade to compatible dependencies iOS 3.1 or higher.

    Is there a fix for this?, cheers.

    My email will only be up for 24 hours.

  33. I installed idrode in my iphone but idrode touch is not working… plz. tell me what is problem and how can i resolve it thanks…

    1. The original iPad isn’t even supported, so at the rate of things now, I’d say 4 years.

  34. I, too, am having trouble with this. I am getting the “Install failed. Firmware could not be retrieved from Apple” error. I tried poking around into the filesystem, and tried to see if I could find the link in the code in which it tried to pull the firmware from. I could not find any links. I am also having trouble installing OpeniBoot on the computer. When I follow the guides, I am missing several files that are nowhere to be found. Ugh!

  35. I have iphone5 with jailbreak and running IOS 7.0.4 .I am trying to install (bootlace) it by the prosece given (a server with the specified host name could not be found)
    Please healf me …..

  36. It still works the procedure? because when I try to install openiboot says “install failed. firmware Could not be retrieved from apple”, how can i fix this?

  37. Hi,

    I’ve jailbroken my Phone with redsn0w. My phone is running 4.2.1 8C148.

    When I try to download Bootlace from Cydia, I get an error message and can’t install Bootlace:
    “The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”

    “Depends iOS Firmware >=3.1”

    My phone is running 4.2.1. Any idea how to tackle this issue?

  38. Hey can you make it support for ios version 7.1.1 please I beg you it is me aim to have andro and ios running in my iPad mini please make it compatible please!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I made a bootlace fix, I rebuilt Bootlace, changing some broken adresses.
    Working perfectly now.

  40. Hi
    I have iPhone 3G jailbroken and Cydia installed when Iam installed bootlace from bigboss repo
    But it’s not opening not working how can I fix this problem plz help me

  41. Hey can you make it support for ios version 7.1.1 please I beg you it is me aim to have andro and ios running in my iPad mini please make it compatible please!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S Jailbreaked with Pangu Make It Compatible

  42. Hey can you make it support for ios version 7.1.2 please I beg you it is me aim to have andro and ios running in my iPad mini please make it compatible please!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S Jailbreaked with Pangu Make It Compatible

  43. thanks for everything. people are lazy and stupid. read before try. think before question. if you can’t follow a simple direction don’t do it. this is way jail braking and idroid is almost dead for people who ask this type of thing whiteout even say thanks.
    again thanks for all the work the idroid team make.

  44. Hello, if you’re like me and your iPod or iPhone went comotose after something happened. E.g screens off, won’t turn on, stuff like that. I was able to get my iPhone back and running.
    Put it into DFU mode and jail break it again, or restore it in iTunes while it’s in DFU or recovery mode as iTunes recognizes it, if all goes well it should be up and running again. 🙂

  45. When i install on a ipod 1 3.1.2/3.1.3 iboot has an error downloading.
    Installing Idroid Has MD5 Mismatch.
    Can Someone Fix Or tell me how to solve it

  46. para todos aquellos que tienen ERRORES!! deben leer todo lo que los usuarios comentaron se darán cuenta de que hacer Saludos.

  47. Would love to see/hear if there is some hope for support for the first gen iPad to run android. Do not have much spare money so would help me out a lot.

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